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New Stuff on the Block

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Guess what?! is getting a make-over.  Yep!  My super talented friend Katrina from Brandish Type is working her artistic wizardry.  In about two months you won’t even recognize me this site. In the process of brainstorming, I got to … Continue reading

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Open Letter to the I’m-Not-Angry-It’s-Just-That-Joslyn-Hamilton-Is-Basically-Hitler People

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My new favorite pastime is to read the comments posted in response to my friend Joslyn’s Elephant Journal articles.  Seriously.  Some people like to go to movies, practice yoga…say…play golf?!  Me?  I read her feedback.  It’s like watching tennis if … Continue reading

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Endings and so on and so forth…

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Last weekend we took down the show at The OK Hotel.   By the time we’d arrived, Spencer was packing his car with his sculpture and paintings; the remaining works (ours and Ben’s) hung lonely in the absence.   Ours was … Continue reading

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