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My First Greeting Card

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I am not going through a break-up.  But one of my best friends is.  And her going through it makes me feel sad and reminds me that relationships always end badly, i.e. someone dies or you break up.  I thought … Continue reading

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Oww, my f*cking calves hurt! (My whining is more specific.)

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Day 2 of suffering the effects of barefoot running.  I dread walking down stairs or sitting for extended periods of time where I’m pretty sure the blood pools in my lower extremities in large quantities as if it were unionizing … Continue reading

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Ouch! My legs hurt!

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I had heard about the crazies who run barefoot.  I had heard from a friend who heard from his cousin’s best friend’s sister’s co-worker that it was good for you or something.  Good for you?  Sign me up. Anyway, that … Continue reading

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Not clever, Lululemon. Just disgusting.

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No, Lulu, you’re not pushing the envelope. Mentioning “cameltoe” in a back page ad in Yoga Journal doesn’t make you funny or maverick or cutting edge or anything else you probably want to be. It makes you lame. For starters, … Continue reading

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Words Loved or Loathed

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My friend Joslyn has this really great list of words that she likes.  I asked her to add the word delightful to hers and she refused because, she’s “on the fence about that word,” which completely baffled me.  How can … Continue reading

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Yes, I want food (and answers to other frequently asked questions).

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Owing that I’m no stranger to cleanses and fasts and all sorts of other health gauntlets, I figured this makes me some sort of expert.   So I’m taking this opportunity to answer some of the more frequent questions I … Continue reading

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The Un-Comedy of Comedy Writing

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As my Artist’s Date for this week, I attended a writing panel tonight called, How To Write Comedy, or something similar and equally as dry.  Anyway, I actually had a good time and here’s the practical info I took from … Continue reading

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Wow, I’m Really Hungry

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Today is Day 6? – oh that’s right — yes, Day SIX  of the Master Cleanse.  I forget.  My thoughts… they… are… like… feathers… Yesterday, in Venice, I actually sat outside of a pizza place and just inhaled the scent of … Continue reading

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