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This Makes Me Happy…

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My talented friend Jess just (re)started her blog.  I LOVE it when my friends write.  And allow me to post.  (Hint hint PR.  Just sayin’.) Anyway, go here: It is the virtues, not the faults…which constitute one’s true legacy. … Continue reading

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Waterloo Sunset

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Last weekend was SXSW.  In years past I have done a daily blog.  This time around, I guess maybe b/c I was focused on other things, I couldn’t keep up.  And now, a week past the event, I’m going to … Continue reading

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wallsONwords and other neat stuff

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Here’s a new fun project:  www.wallsONwords .   Apparently Los Angeles is the first city in the guerrilla art tour.  The rumor is that it will be hitting NYC this weekend. ***Yay that I get to be part of an … Continue reading

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What I thought about this morning.

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Before you stop writing you must write a poem. You must get out all of the brilliance floating between the wires Out onto the page, and it must IGNITE the page as soon as The letters touch the paper so … Continue reading

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The Art of Being Me

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Dre’s back!  For the last 7 weeks, she’s been living la dolce vita in South America.  During that time I took it upon myself to cook.  A lot.  Mostly because I knew that the kitchen would always be clean.  But … Continue reading

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