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I bought my ticket today to go to Austin for Thanksgiving. Two months seem a long time away. It HAS been a long time. Is there ever that suspension of anticipating the future — where it’s no longer a habit? … Continue reading

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Week 2

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Holy shit I am NOT funny. This improv bidness is a mug. Aside from the problem that I’m uhh, not funny, I’m also totally lost. There’s this thing where we’re supposed to identify patterns in a scene and then work … Continue reading

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Somewhere there’s a mala down the line

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My friend Leslie just left this morning. We pretty much mala’d all weekend which means my arms may actually fall off from all the chatturangas and stuff. We liked the Global Mala. Two major developments I must report on: First, … Continue reading

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Everybody’s a Comedian

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THIS is what I’ve gotten myself into for the next EIGHT weeks. Tonight was my first improv class. I knew I was screwed when we played a remedial drinking game *without* alcohol and I was completely lost. Zip. Zap. Zop. … Continue reading

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The Swim…

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…is over. THANK GOD. My face (circa December 9, 2005) nearly froze off. Jesus have you ever swam in 60 degree water? I hope you never know what it feels like. Anyway, I’m really just whining since I basically ended … Continue reading

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who knew?!

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My morning began in fisticuffs as Ambitious Self heard the alarm go off and tried to pull Lazy (and Stubborn) Self outta bed at 5:40 a.m. to go swimming in the ocean. Swimming in the ocean at THIS time of … Continue reading

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please God, bail me out.

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Here’s why I’m psyched that I swim in the triathlon on Sunday: because this horrible lapse in reason will no longer be looming over my head. And I, Vanessa Fiola, do solemnly swear that I will NEVER sign up for … Continue reading

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Not it.

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Yay! I’ve been tagged which means I’m popular! That’s good. But I’m blogging on a Friday night. That’s bad. Anyway, my friend Caryn tagged me. Sh*t Caryn, if it was hard for you, what makes you think it’d be any … Continue reading

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Back from Portland. Hav and I had a great time biking around town, hiking, camping, cooking’, chillin’, that sorta thing. I didn’t take any pictures but he did so maybe I’ll post a few when I get them. On Sunday … Continue reading

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